Multi-sensory design and product experience

Congruent sensory stimuli are processed more fluently and perceived more positively. FENAN Consulting has performed multiple studies into the effect of multi-sensory design on user experience and decision-making, for instance:

The results have shown positive effects of congruence between sensory and informational elements of design on behavioural change.

Product designers are working hard to make positive impact on environment, health and wellbeing. They have created sustainable alternatives to traditional products, such as electric vehicles, green energy sources, reusable building and packaging materials and circular fashion items. However, customers do not immediately switch from traditional to new products. How can innovative businesses make their sustainable products attractive? How can they win their market and change their business ecosystem? How can they effectively design for behavioural change of their customers? 

We can help you to answer the following questions:

  • How to use multi-sensory cues to design delightful products and services?
  • How to use social cues (e.g., gamification, popularity, authority, etc.) to influence behaviour of different customers?
  • How to translate product satisfaction, positive emotions and surprise in customer loyalty and advocacy?  

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