Starting business during the lockdown

Starting your own business during a lockdown sounds crazy. Everything is closed except for food and drug stores, flights and public events are cancelled, and a lot of businesses are dying. 

Perfect time to start a new business! Especially for a migrant woman with zero entrepreneurial experience. So, it does sound crazy. The reason I am doing it is simple: I am fed up with applying for jobs I am overqualified for and getting polite responses that they have found someone more suitable. 

It is not a secret that women are discriminated at the job market, even in a perfect Dutch social democracy. Migrant women face double discrimination. And migrant women over 50 don’t stand a single chance of getting a decent job. So, for me self-employment is definitely not the first choice. It’s the only choice. 

I am inspired by many brave migrant female entrepreneurs I met in the Netherlands over the years. Their enormous energy, resilience and creativity give me hope that against all odds my crazy plan can actually work out.

Stay tuned for updates in my personal blog…

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I do research in consumer behavior and multisensory product design. My goal is to promote health and sustainabale consumption through multisensory design of products, packages and retail environments.

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