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FENAN Consulting

FENAN Consulting offers education, research and consultancy in the areas of social innovation, digital communication, and behavioural change. Our main areas of expertise include the adoption of sustainable innovations, designing healthy and inclusive public environments, developing innovative non-formal educational programs for adults with fewer opportunities to support their professional development, psychological well-being, digital literacy, and entrepreneurial skills. Our mission is to empower citizens and organisations with skills and competences necessary to build resilience, inclusivity and sustainability. We collaborate with universities, non-profit organisations and commercial partners on research and innovation projects aiming at adult education in the areas of sustainability, wellbeing and integration.

Building green skills for circular economy

We develop online course for young adults who want to live more sustainably and contribute to circular economy by extending products’ life, sharing and repairing products, recycling and upcycling materials

Together for health and wellbeing

By developing adult education program and online course for seniors and young adults suffering from long-term negative consequences of COVID-19, we contribute to resilience, health and wellbeing

Empowering migrant women integration

We participated in creating online course to improve professional skills for migrant women and building key competences necessary for successful economic integration in the host society

FENAN Consulting is working on strategic partnership project ‘Empowering migrant women through building entrepreneurship skills

Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project

We are proud to collaborate with World Economic Forum on research on Innovative enterprises that are leading the way towards Circular Economy

White paper January 2021

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