Wayfinding: Empowering Ukrainian refugees via participatory workshops

Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2: Partnerships for Cooperation


Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine millions of people have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in other countries. In the past year more than eight million Ukrainians have arrived in Europe. They are provided with housing, healthcare, access to education, financial support, and a possibility of employment. However, refugees continue to face challenges in establishing themselves in the host communities. The traumatic events that people have experienced and the uncertainty of their current situation increase the risk of psychological problems, which can hinder their physical and mental health, wellbeing and civic participation.

To address these challenges, three organisations from the Netherlands and Lithuania have started the project “Wayfinding: Empowering Ukrainian refugees via participatory workshops”. The goal of the project is to help Ukrainian people who left their homes because of the war to cope with the challenges of integration in the host communities, increase their increase their psychological wellbeing and support their agency.

The project partners are designing participatory creative workshops that are focused on building skills and strategies of coping with stressful experiences and forming an active position and vision for the future. We aim at empowering participants to set up self-support groups to ensure the continuous access to mental health support after the end of the project. We plan to create an online resource with useful practical information and connections to local organisations offering social support, adult education, and mental health care.

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