Resilience for refugees Erasmus+ project

Russia’s war against Ukraine has generated a massive outflow of people fleeing the war zone, unseen in Europe since World War II. According to UNHCR data, in the beginning of March 2023, more than 8 million Ukrainians are recorded as refugees in Europe. The solidarity with Ukraine in the EU is immense, but the real challenge remains in ensuring that refugees receive the support they need. Refugees from war zones do not only need accommodation, food, access to education and the job market. They also need mental health support. 

This is why the partners from the Netherlands and Sweden have started the project “Empowering adult educators to support resilience of refugees”. Our goal is to increase psychological literacy of social workers, volunteers and adult educators who are working with refugees. We are planning to develop an online course on how to support refugees suffering from psychological trauma, stress and grief. The course will be addressed to the organisations and individuals involved in helping refugees, but the main beneficiaries will be refugees from war zones suffering from long-term negative consequences of war trauma. The course will empower adult educators and social workers with competences necessary to create safe environment for refugees and to encourage them to build resilience, improve mental health and wellbeing, expand social network and successfully integrate into host societies.

Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2: Partnerships for Cooperation

Empowering adult educators to support resilience of refugees


Project coordinator

  • Bezinger Psy Consulting, the Netherlands

Project participants:

  • FENAN Consulting, the Netherlands
  • More Mosaic, Sweden

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