“Green skills for circular economy” project meeting in Den Haag

After half a year of collaborating remotely, via Zoom and e-mail, on June 14 and 15 2022, the partners on “Building green skills for circular economy” project (2021-1-NL01-KA210-ADU-000033999), FENAN Consulting and Non-formal learning club WE, have met in person to discuss the progress on designing an online course “Building circular skills” and to experience the best of sustainable shopping, dining and entertaining that Den Haag has to offer.

It was a pleasure to welcome our partners, Non-formal learning club WE, in Den Haag, and discussing further development of online course “Green skill for circular economy” for young adults.

Published by fenanconsulting

I do research in consumer behavior and multisensory product design. My goal is to promote health and sustainabale consumption through multisensory design of products, packages and retail environments.

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