“Back to normal: Together for health and well-being”

FENAN Consulting is excited to start a new international partnership for Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “Back to normal: Together for health and well-being” (2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000025964).

The first meeting of the partners, MITRA FRANCE, PROMETEO (Italy), Non-fromal learning club “WE” (Lithuania) and FENAN Consulting (Netherlands) took place in Nice, France, on 20-21 December, 2021.

The partners discussed the common goals to improve health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable social groups suffering from the long-term consequences of Covid-19, including young adults and senior citizens. We all suffering from the negative consequences of pandemic and we need to respond to this ongoing crisis as soon as possible, in order to prevent more negative consequences in the future.

It is well-known from the previous social crises that dealing with immediate consequences, saving lives and restoring an infrastructure is not enough. Healing process has to include sharing experiences of loss and grief and building resilience and positive thinking. This process starts with acknowledgement of negative experiences. Trying to forget the past without analysing it is a recipe for post-traumatic stress disorder and more negative health and social consequences in the future.

The project aims to reduce negative consequences of the pandemic for health and wellbeing. We plan to achieve this goal by developing an educational program and a non-formal learning methodology focused on improving physical health and psychological well-being of people suffering from long-term negative consequences of the Corona crisis.

“Back to normal: Together for health and well-being”

Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership project 2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000025964

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I do research in consumer behavior and multisensory product design. My goal is to promote health and sustainabale consumption through multisensory design of products, packages and retail environments.

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